What are the application scenarios of iron castings

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Iron castings are mainly used in electronics, locomotives, home appliances, and communication industries. Iron castings are widely used because of their high temperature resistance and low price. some high-precision ones.

Iron castings cast light alloys will be widely used in aviation, aerospace, automobiles, machinery and other industries because of their excellent properties such as low density, high specific strength and corrosion resistance.

Especially in the automobile industry, it is a long-term development trend to replace steel and iron castings with aluminum and nickel alloy castings in order to reduce fuel consumption and increase resource utilization. Among them, it focuses on processing and simple operation of refined technology, transformation technology, grain refinement technology and rapid detection technology before furnace. In order to further improve the performance of the material and maximize the potential of the material, aluminum alloy materials, especially aluminum-based composite materials, can be developed to meet the performance requirements of different working conditions.

The quality of iron castings has a great influence on the function of mechanical products. For example, the wear resistance and dimensional stability of cast aluminum parts of machine tools directly affect the accuracy and maintenance life of machine tools; Directly affect the working efficiency of pumps and hydraulic systems, energy consumption and cavitation development, etc.; the strength and resistance to shock and heat of internal combustion engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, cylinder liners, piston rings, exhaust pipes, etc., directly affect the engine job life.

What are the application scenarios of iron castings

The cost of iron castings is low, the workmanship is good, and remelting saves resources and energy, so the application and development of this material will continue for a long time. Such as research and development of cupola-electric furnace double smelting technology and equipment; extensive use of advanced molten iron desulfurization and filtration technology; thin-walled high-strength casting iron manufacturing technology; cast iron composite material manufacturing technology; casting iron surface or local strengthening technology; Phosphate-inch ductile iron complete set of skills; selection of metal mold casting, metal mold sand-covered casting, continuous casting and other special techniques and equipment.

Iron castings are used in a wide range of applications, involving quite a few product categories and industrial categories. In all these applications, if the quantity is large, the variety is many, the requirements are strict, the quality is high, and the amount of metal materials is used, etc.

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