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Profile And Machining

From surface treatments and milling procedures through to grinding and turning, precision machining helps to transform your basic investment castings into usable components and valuable parts.
We produce final products that meet the exact specifications of your project.

CNC turning:

Machine :
4-axis and 5-axis CNC machines

CNC machining :

Dimensional accuracy range :≤0.02mm

Geometric tolerance range :≤0.03mm

Profile and machining are two related concepts in manufacturing and engineering. Profile refers to the shape or contour of a part or component, while machining refers to the process of removing material from a workpiece to create a desired shape or surface finish.

In manufacturing, the profile of a part is typically defined by a set of specifications, such as drawings or blueprints, that specify the dimensions, tolerances, and surface finish requirements of the part. Machining is then used to shape the workpiece to meet these specifications.

There are many different types of machining processes, including turning, milling, drilling, grinding, and more. Each of these processes involves the use of various cutting tools and techniques to remove material from the workpiece and create the desired shape and surface finish.

Profile and machining are both critical aspects of modern manufacturing, and are used in a wide variety of industries, from aerospace and automotive to medical device and consumer goods production. Effective profile and machining techniques are essential for creating high-quality, precise parts that meet the exacting requirements of modern engineering and design.

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