Process and application scenarios of high-quality aluminum castings

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The main  purpose of products produced by science and technology is still on the parts or shells of some equipment. At present, aluminum alloy die-casting products are mainly used in auto parts, electronic shells, communications, motors, aviation, ships, home appliances, furniture accessories, digital shells, handicrafts , security product shells, LED lighting (lampshades) and some new energy industries, some high-performance, high-precision, high-toughness high-quality aluminum alloy die-casting products are also used in industries with relatively high requirements such as large aircraft and ships.

The poularity of aluminum castings has expanded to many life scenarios around the world, driving a competitive market due to uniqueness such as light weight.

Process and application scenarios of high quality aluminum castings

Transportation is one important area where ongoing emissions regulations from government regulators, coupled with consumer demand for more fuel-efficient vehicles, are creating the need for aluminum casting.

From the perspective of comprehensive performance such as lightweight, comfortable, beautiful, durable, energy-saving, environmental protection, and comprehensive cost reduction, aluminum castings are undoubtedly the first choice for the modernization and lightweighting of the automotive industry. Products in the aluminum casting industry are generally customized production , The cycle of early product design, development, testing, product certification, system audit, etc. is very long. Once the product is approved and finalized, it is generally not easy to change suppliers, processes, materials, etc.

Many countries in the world are devoting themselves to the research of aluminum alloys for automobiles. For every 100kg reduction in vehicle weight, fuel consumption can be reduced by 0.7L/100km. Therefore, replacing steel materials with aluminum alloys to minimize the weight of automobiles has become a current research hotspot.

For the automotive industry, it is mainly used in engine cylinder blocks, cylinder heads, crankcases, wheels, oil pan parts, etc. Everyone has a good comment on aluminum castings.

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