Servo Motor Housing

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The Servo Motor Housing is a product designed for applications involving servo motors. The housing is made from 6061 or 6063 aluminum alloy, which are commonly used materials known for their strength, durability, and lightweight properties. The casting process employed for manufacturing is the extrusion of sections. Extrusion is a metal forming process that involves forcing the aluminum alloy through a shaped opening in a die to produce a continuous profile.

Key Features:

1. **Material:** High-quality 6061/6063 aluminum alloy for a balance of strength and lightness.

2. **Weight Range:** Suitable for applications where the servo motor housing weight falls within the range of 1 to 15 kg.

3. **Casting Process:** Extrusion of sections, ensuring precise and consistent shapes for effective performance.


- Servo motor enclosures for various industries.

- Robotics and automation systems.

- Motion control applications.


- Lightweight design.

- Excellent strength and durability.

- Precise shapes and dimensions due to the extrusion process.

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