Metal Mold Casting Bend And Connector

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"Bend" and "Connector" are related to various fields or industries. 

- In engineering, manufacturing, or construction, a "bend" typically refers to a curved or angular section in a material, such as a pipe or metal rod. Bending can be achieved through various processes, including heat bending, cold bending, or using specialized bending machinery.

- A "connector" generally refers to a device or component that joins two or more objects or systems together. In different contexts, connectors can include electrical connectors, plumbing connectors, or even software connectors facilitating communication between different software components.

- Are you referring to bends and connectors in the context of plumbing or pipework?

- Is this related to electrical connectors in the field of electronics?

- Are you looking for connectors and bends in a specific type of industry or application?

Feel free to consult more details so I can assist you better.

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