Introduction To Casting Manufacturing Process

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Casting process: molding materials and their requirements, Types and various pattern materials. Various casting methods , Casting investment casting, pressure casting, centrifugal casting,

Metal forming process: various metal forming technologies and their Analysis, forging, rolling, extrusion, drawing, sheet metal, Processing, spinning, forging, thread rolling; superplastic deformation; Metal joining processes: brazing, soldering, welding; solid state welding, Method; resistance welding; arc welding; 

Investment casting can produce a wide variety of products and prototypes, but it is important to choose the right investment casting material for your application. The right materials can help you achieve the desired functionality, save material costs, eliminate unwanted casting defects, and limit the need for secondary machining after casting is complete.

Copper alloy investment casting final parts can exhibit smooth surfaces and dimensional accuracy while allowing for lighter weight, thin walls, or other beneficial properties. Determining which properties can be successfully incorporated into your part depends largely on material selection.

YD mainly but not limited to supply castings in material of iron, aluminum stainless steel based on process of sand castings, die castings, lost wax castings etc. With reputation of quality and earnest cooperation, they are serving more and more customers from Germany, England, America and other different countries.

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